Activating A LabVIEW Toolkit Automatically

When you open the version of LabVIEW where the toolkit was installed, a nag screen should pop up that looks like the screen below:

Press the Activate Add-ons button on this screen, and this will take you to the next screen:

Hit the toolkit that you wish to activate, hit the next button, and the next screen will pop up:

Hit the next button and you will be presented with a way to enter your "License ID" and "Password" in the following dialog:

Double-click the field under the License ID column, and you will be able to enter the Licesne ID. Both the License ID and the Password should have been provided to you after purchased the Toolkit. If you did not receive on email with this information, please contact the developer of the toolkit.

When you have entered the License ID and Password, hit the Activate button, and the toolkit will be automatically activated.

Other Methods of Activation

Should you require a different method to activate the toolkit, contact the developer of your toolkit for other methods of activation.