Building an Executable with the MatFile Toolkit

This page will discuss how to create an executable using a LabVIEW project and the MatFile Toolkit.

First, the DLL folder must be added to the LabVIEW Project. To do this, right click the "My Computer" icon in the LabVIEW Project and select "Add>>Folder(Snapshot).." This will bring up a Windows dialog to add the folder to the LabVIEW Project. From here browse to "<LabVIEW>\vi.lib\EvaluMation, LLC\Mat File Toolkit\DLL\." You will need to go into the DLL directory. The folder should contain a number of DLL files and should look similar to the image below:

Then, click the "Current Folder" button on the Windows dialog. When you are done, the LabVIEW project should look like the image below:

To create a new executable, right click the "Build Specification" icon and select "New>>Application(EXE)..." This will bring up the "Application Properties" dialog box. Click "Source Files" in the "Category" section of the "Properties Dialog." Then, add your top level VI to the "Startup VIs" section and add the DLL Folder to the "Always Include" section. Your "Properties Dialog" should look very similar to the image shown below:

Click "OK" to close the "Properties Dialog." When you are ready to build the application, right click the build specification that you want to build and hit "Build." When the build is complete, right click the build specification and hit "Run." Your application should run without errors.

Here is a link to a zip file that contains an example project