About Us

Getrata is a software company. We develop software for all different types of applications. Our current product offering includes two LabVIEW toolkits - the FTP Toolkit and the MatFile Toolkit. Getrata has purchased these toolkits from EvaluMation, LLC and the toolkits are still in transition. For a short period of time, some of the links on this page will reference EvaluMation.


Below are a few products provided by Getrata:


A LabVIEW based toolkit to perform FTP client functions.

  • Push and Pull file from an FTP server.

  • Delete files and folders.

  • Get a directory listing of the FTP server.

  • Examples and linked help files included.

  • Object Oriented Design.

  • At $99 for a license, our toolkit is much cheaper than the Internet Toolkit.


Read and Write Mat files that are compatible with MATLAB.

  • Supports all formats of the mat file including the new HDF5 format.

  • Collect and store data with LabVIEW and analyze the data with MATLAB.

  • Polymorphic vis make the toolkit easy to use.

  • Easily load the data into MATLAB without having to parse a custom ASCII or Binary file.